What colors are the biggest hair colorists of the industry suggesting to you? Spent the last few months indoors and have a big need to change your hair look? These few suggestions will be a big help the next time you visit your hairdresser in order to help choose what your color for the summer will be.


Goodbye cold blondes that are too difficult to maintain and hello to the natural warm blondes! This summer, the trend goes towards warmer blondes, more natural, usually presented with a contouring effect where the bangs will be lighter and the rest darker confirms Melissa Beaudoin, the pro of the blondes from Professional By Fama. We love this trend considering the low maintenance it has because it ages well and the look is very natural.


This season, brunettes will be turning heads with sandy tones. You know the sand with it’s neutral color, not warm or cold? Julie Girard, senior master designer and specialist in hair coloring from Rusk suggests you try ashy browns for a very natural look that looks like it has never been dyed before. Amuse yourselves with these tones and incorporate them into looks that have a regrowth and a balayage for a very soft look. “With the confinement in the last couple of months, hairdressers and clients will adore this perfect trend which camouflages your roots”, adds Julie from Rusk.


According to Patricia Ajani, Diamond Key artist for KEVIN.MURPHY, this summer for hair color, it’s officially the season for warm colors. This is the moment to become daring for those copper tones! She adds that we can sometimes think that warmer colors won’t suit us but her advice is that we add a touch of warmth to any level of coloration, from blonde to brunette. “The warmer colors complement our complexions and will make your eyes sparkle more. The perfect example of this copper trend this summer is the golden copper that Beyoncé is rocking right now!”

bright colors

We’ve seen them more intense or more minimal in the previous seasons, but bright colors seem to take the win this summer. According to Rodrigo Araneda, artistic director from Matrix Canada: “The shades that you should try this summer definitely are the bright pinks, purples or for more of a bold look, mix yellow as we had seen on singer Dua Lipa.” The artistic director from Matrix shares this favorite shades: For trendy shades, play around with the Marble Gray and Royal Purple in our semi-permanent line SoColor Cult.”

The message for this summer is simple, amuse yourselves and assure yourselves to choose the right color in order to bring out your complexion and eyes.

By Joanie Grégoire.