Dry shampoo…how to use it and when? These are the most asked questions on this product that most of us use but don’t exactly know how to use it properly. It isn’t necessary to only use dry shampoo on day 3 hair, you can also use it on clean hair to give them texture. Did you know that different types of dry shampoo exist that you can choose from? We are going to present them in detail in this article for you.

step 1: choose your formula

A dry shampoo paste…the least popular when it comes to the dry shampoo family, but did you know that it gives you hold and allows a precise application compared to a dry shampoo spray because it is applied with your fingers? Start by warming up a small amount in your hands and go directly into your scalp, this will give your roots lots of texture. We love Badlands from R+Co. Your hair will have more structure and your hairstyle will stay put into place thanks to this product.

A mist of dry shampoo is dry cleaning for your hair! A mist is an ideal product to refresh your hair without ruining your hairstyle or the texture. For example, this product is perfect for women who braid their hair because you can get really close to the roots without un-doing your hairdo or getting those white streaks from a dry shampoo spray. We recommend the Spiritualized dry shampoo mist from R+Co.

Foam is ideal for controlling the exact area where you are going to be applying dry shampoo, seeing that you will be applying it directly on your roots. We love the Quickie.Me dry shampoo foam from Design.ME Hair because it is very useful when your make-up is already done and you do not want dry shampoo to be sprayed onto your face.

Colored: when even the most careful application of dry shampoo leaves you with white residue, think of changing your products for one that adapts to the color of your roots. Find a dry shampoo that matches your hair color AND that will also give your roots the touch-up they need. If you are blonde, use the Blonde dry shampoo by AG Hair. If you have darker hair, it is also available for brunettes: the Brunette dry shampoo and Jet Black from AG Hair.

The classic dry shampoo spray: The easiest way to obtain volume and body is the classic dry shampoo aerosol spray. It is perfect whenever you are on-the-go and need a quick, easy solution without getting your hands dirty. Want to know the best part? it also comes in travel size options, perfect for your purse. Save water thanks to Death Valley from R+Co. We also love the Perk Up dry shampoo from Amika.

step 2: spray at a distance of 8 to 10 inches from your roots

The common mistake that we often see and all do, is to take an aerosol can and to spray it directly on our oily roots. In order to maximize the use of our dry shampoo, we need to separate the hair into sections and spray each one in order to make sure that all of the areas are covered in the product. You also need to spray at a distance of 8 to 10 inches, otherwise, you will find yourself with white spots – except if you are using a foam dry shampoo that is applied directly at the root.

 step 3: massage your scalp

Après avoir appliqué le shampoing sec, laissez-le pénétrer pendant environ 5 à 10 minutes avant de le masser sur votre cuir chevelu. Vous devez laisser le produit reposer pendant quelques minutes pour qu’il absorbe les huiles. Ensuite, à l’aide de vos doigts, massez votre cuir chevelu pour répartir uniformément le shampooing sec. S’il y a d’autres résidus, prenez une brosse pour les enlever et voilà!

After having applied dry shampoo, let it sit for about 5 to 10 minutes before massaging it into your scalp. You should let the product sit for a few minutes in order for it to absorb the oils. Then, with the help of your fingers, massage your scalp to spread it evenly. If there are any other residues, take a brush to comb them out and voilà!