This fall, get into gear with a few of these fall trends for men. While some have repeated themselves from last year, we are going to go over them with you so that you can know what to shop for! Here are 4 key items for Fall 2020.

Head to Toe Prints

Who said matching sets were a thing of the past? This fall, expect to see men wearing matching sets! Whether it be lounge-wear or formal wear. We love how this matching white set looks from Topman because you can dress it up or dress it down.

Fushia Pink

Pink isn’t only for girls…boys can wear it too! Another trend that is back this season is the color pink! We had seen it during the summer as well but mostly in the pastel pinks. Now we are transitioning to a fuchsia pink for the fall. We love how classy this pink blazer from ASOS looks.

Autumn Whites

Autumn whites are the new summer whites! White is usually a popular color for the summer, we’ve been seeing a lot of it this past summer. Well now, you can wear it in the fall! We are loving this white on white look, it’s a fresh take on your normal dark fall colors.  Set from Fila.

The Puffer Jacket


The puffer jacket has been coming back in style for the past few years now and guess what? It is still in style. Now we are seeing it in more of an oversized look, paired not only with streetwear but also with formal wear. Tons of these puffer jackets are also coming in reversible styles as well as metallic such as this one from Rudsak.