It’s that time of year where everyone needs ideas on what to wear on Halloween. We’ve gathered a few classic characters seen on TV and which hair products to use in order to help achieve that Halloween costume look. Sure, buying the costume helps, but getting your hair and makeup done completes the look and we definitely know a thing or 2 about hair.

Harley Quinn

Hello blondies, yes, we are talking to you! Another popular character seen in many movies is Harley Quinn! Her signature pigtails are recognizable anywhere! Achieve her hairstyle by using Matrix So Colour Cult products. You would need one blue shade in Bleu Retro and one pastel pink shade in Gomme Balloune.


Willy Wonka

We all grew up watching the classic film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory! In order to achieve Willy Wonka’s big messy curly hair, we suggest using a product that will help activate curls such as AG Hair’s Recoil. Best to use on wet hair, then use a hair diffuser to activate and lock those curls in and voilà no need for a perm at the salon!

Jessica Rabbit

Who can forget the most seductive cartoon character of all time, Jessica Rabbit! Her bright red hair stands out in a crowd! In order to achieve these bright red locks, we suggest dying your hair with Matrix So Colour Cult in Red Hot . We then suggest using the MY.Haircare Ruby conditioner in order to amp up the red especially if you are dying your hair a few days or weeks prior to your Halloween festivities.


Get super curly voluminous hair when dressing up as Sandy from the movie Grease! Her iconic outfit at the end of the movie became a Halloween outfit staple throughout the years! First step, on wet hair use the amika Nice Cream conditioner in order to hydrate curls and waves. Then, R+Co’s Turntable . If you don’t have curly hair naturally, we suggest buying a hot tool for this such as the BabylissPro Miracurl which will curl your straight locks. Use a hairspray to lock in those curls and a bit of Puff.ME powder by Design.Me for volume and you are good to go!


Cleopatra queen of Egypt! Her style was iconic and so was her hair. Black, sleek straight hair. We suggest using this product on dark hair only: R+Co’s Bright Shadows Spray in Black page14image62679168in order to intensify those brunette tones to be even darker. Prior to this, you should use a hair straightening serum such as the Straightening Ultragel by Aquage that will make your hair ultra-sleek when styling.

Joan Jett

The queen of rock n’ roll in the 80’s was no other than Joan Jett! Probably one of the easiest Halloween costumes to replicate. All you have to do is look for punk clothing whether it be a leather jacket or a funky one-piece from a thrift shop. Joan Jett was known for her iconic hairstyle! One product that will pile on the volume would be the Puff.ME by Design.ME or Eleven Australia’s Dry Powder Volume Paste . Pack on as much product as possible seeing that our goal is to achieve an exaggerated amount of volume at the top of your roots. Tease your hair afterwards with a brush in order to push the volume up even more.