Evidently from Australia, the brand started back in 2011 with their Miracle Hair Treatment and now it has grown into a 35-product collection sold in 25 different countries across the globe. Their co-creative directors are well known in Australia: Joey Scandizzo, Australian hairdresser of the year and Andrew O’Tolle, Australian photographer of the year. Both of them work together to bring the brand to life.

Did you know that Eleven Australia is cruelty-free and they also use natural ingredients in their products such as coconut oil, organic cucumbers, aloe vera, avocado oil etc. This means that their products do not have overbearing scents everything is nice and smooth. They also create fun summer-inspired fragrances such as watermelon and coconut, which smell great. An example of this would be one of their best sellers, the Miracle Hair Treatment Spray. One version smells like watermelon and the other like coconut.

They like to keep it simple. All of their packaging and product names are easy to understand and simple. For example, want more volume? Use their I Want Body range. Need hydration? Use their Hydrate My Hair moisture range. It’s professional products made simple & affordable for just about anyone to use. All you have to do is read the name and you’ll know what the product is for. This being said, they are also vegan.

All of Eleven Australia’s bottles are 100% recyclable. They also partner with suppliers who are committed to reducing their environmental impact. We love that they are constantly thinking of the environment and to becoming better for the planet.

We love all of their products; we suggest you give them a try because we are confident that you will enjoy this brand. They offer a ton of mini travel sizes for you to test out rather than purchasing the full size.