It’s been quarantine season the past few months… you don’t feel like putting on makeup or doing your hair every single day, so you resort to tying your hair most of the time. Your typical hair elastic has gotten BORING! Most girls are resorting to new fun ways to use hair accessories. We found 5 hair accessories that have been very trendy, and we are going to share them with you.


This 90’s trend is back in style! Now we can see most people matching their outfits to their bandanas. You can also use scarves or handkerchiefs for this trend.

90’s Claw Clips

Tired of having your hair down? Just twist and pin it up with a claw clip. This trend can be seen on most celebrities, it looks great with just about any outfit, and best of all, it’s very affordable.

Supersize Scrunchies

Your typical scrunchie just leveled up! This new super scrunchie is huge and doubles in size. This makes it more apparent and they also come in gorgeous organza fabric making them more delicate and softer to look at.

Pretty Pins

Your regular bobby pin just got a makeover! These new trendy pins we will be seeing this season will be adorned with pretty pearls and sparkly things. We can also find some that have real gemstones on them.