A healthy scalp leads to healthy hair! Scalp care is about balance, health and wellness aka the future growth of your hair. Kevin Murphy has launched 2 new products: the SCALP.SPA WASH and the SCALP.SPA SCRUB. We tested both and are going to let you know what we think about them!


An exfoliator for your scalp, this scrub uses gentle exfoliators from skincare hence why you can also use this scrub on your skin…yes, it can be used in more than 1 way! Micellar water is the main ingredient used in both products which is great at dissolving impurities without stripping the skin. It’s designed to gently scrub away any impurities from the scalp in order to achieve a deep clean. Kevin also adds “It is important to note that this exfoliant does not dissolve, and that is exactly why we chose it. Most exfoliants use salt or sugar, but for people with thicker hair it may never get down to their scalp to actually do any scrubbing.”

This is perfect for anyone who tends to use many hair products every week, you can reset it by using the scrub. It also works great to remove dandruff build-up in the scalp. In the winter months, my scalp gets very dry and accumulates dandruff. This scrub literally removes all of the buildup on your scalp, and the feeling of tiny particles scrubbing your scalp feels ultra-smooth and clean. I almost feel like every shampoo should feel this way in order to ensure all of us are whipping our scalps clean every time we wash our hair. It is such a good feeling, I am obsessed! Incorporate this into your shower routine and your scalp will thank you! You will obtain the clean, smoothed, clear, and healthy hair you deserve!


A new gentle formulated shampoo that is designed with Micellar Water & Celery Seed Extract to soothe and cleanse the scalp; leaving the hair feeling clean and moisturized. Safe for all hair types, including colored hair. For best results, it is advised to start with the scrub first and then finish off with this shampoo. You can also use your KEVIN.MURPHY WASH shampoo after using this one. The purpose for this is because it cleans your scalp so that it can absorb other products better and lead to greater effectiveness of the products you use. It’s like having a multi-step skincare routine for your face but this time, for your scalp + hair. The smell is very mild and smells like the spa which is great when you’re in the shower! The coconut oil keeps your hair very soft. I love the way this shampoo feels in my hair.