What are the trending hairstyles?

We all want to find more creative ways to do our hair. Especially now that hair salons are closed, you can try out a few of these hairstyles in the comfort of your own home. Try something new or revisit an old style from the 90’S that is back…you just might love it!

Cute Clips

(photo credit Alexa Chung)

Take a lazy hair day to a full glam one simply by just pining your hair back with cute butterfly clips. These are also great for those who are growing their bangs out in between cuts or not being able to visit your hairdresser during a pandemic.

Flipped Ends

(photo credit GoldenBarbie on Instagram)

Feel like having a hairdo of the iconic Barbie? Try this one at home, all you need is a blow-dryer and a big round brush! Flip your ends out and tie it up in a ponytail for a vintage look! Optional, you can secure it with an elastic and then put a bow on it.

Grown-Up Ponytails

(photo credit Emily Chang)

Yes, even adults can rock pigtails! The trick is to add plenty of texture. We love this glammed-up look by Emily Chang!

The Bubble Pony

(photo credit Pinterest)

A style that is becoming more popular is the bubble ponytail! Very easy to do, all you need is multiple elastics and medium to long hair. You will have people looking your way with this hairstyle!

Braided Tendrils

(photo credit Millie Hannah)

Mini braids are here to stay! We first saw them appear in late summer but it’s a trend that is continuing this year. You can add as many mini braids as you want. Just the 2 in front to bring attention to your face or you can add more on the sides of your hair!

Bantous Knots

Remember Gwen Stefani’s signature look in the 90’s? Bantu knots are making a come-back today! You can create as many as these mini buns as you like for your look.

Braided Pigtails

(photo credit Negin Mirsalehi)

Take it back to your youth by rocking pigtail braids! Not only will this look go perfectly with a beanie but when worn for a few hours, it will create the most beautiful natural waves.