Amika, a well-known brand of ours that we love! Today we are going to talk about hairspray. What is the difference between the amika Fluxus and Headstrong? I personally tested both amika hairsprays specially for this article! I had never tried their hairsprays, so this was exciting for me already being a fan of the brand.

Fluxus: The touchable hairspray

The Fluxus hairspray is a flexible working hairspray that is meant to last most of the day. However, you will still be able to run your fingers through your hair with this hairspray. No crispy, stiff hair with the Fluxus. It is also color safe which is always a plus. Upon opening the bottle, I knew that it smelled just as good as all of the other amika products. I love when hairsprays smell good because it keeps my hair smelling fresh and clean all day long. It’s good for all hair types but this hairspray is geared to those who want a loose, flexible hold that will appear natural. For example, if you want natural loose curls then this is the hairspray to use. You don’t want to use something really strong of a hold whenever you want natural loose waves in your hair because when you run your fingers through it, your hair will feel stiff. Using this hairspray whenever I have soft natural waves in my hair is the best because my hair remains touchable all day long. You can’t even feel that there is hairspray in them and that for me is the most important part.

Headstrong: The intense hold hairspray

The Headstrong hairspray consists of a strong hold that will last you all day! I recommend this hairspray for those who need a firm grip on their hairstyles or, if you are creating an up-do that needs to be held in place all day long. If you are looking for soft beach waves, then this hairspray isn’t for you. You are better off using the Fluxus for that. Headstrong is stronger than Fluxus when it comes to holding a hairstyle into place. Although, you won’t feel that crunchiness that most strong hairsprays have. Headstrong smells great and also feels natural. It is fast-drying, restores hair’s resilience, protects against breakage and reduces split ends while it smooths and strengthens.

As all of the amika products, they are cruelty-free, vegan certified, free from sulfates, parabens, mineral oil, petrolatum and phthalates. Shop our amika products here.