What do all blondes have in common?

In general, customers with blonde hair want an even blonder shade. However, the real common denominator is healthy, shiny, supple hair. This type of clientele visits the salon an average of 4 to 6 times a year. Therefore, between the bleaching services, the need for daily maintenance is paramount and will give the hair everything it needs.

Blonde hair trends for 2021

For several years now, balayage has been very popular. In my opinion, balayage is the equivalent of the classic black dress in terms of coloring techniques. This technique is suitable for all hair types, lengths and textures. It is also very important to remember that there is no age limit for choosing this technique, which adapts very well to the needs of your clientele.

The platinum is still present and can be seen mostly on shorter hair. As it is a more high-maintenance service, it is best to have your hair cut regularly in order to maintain a beautiful color quality.

Another trend that really caught our attention this year was the money piece, which is a framing effect around the face. This technique is ideal for clients who are starting to have a low percentage of white hair, especially around the face. You can also match the shade to complement the skin tone. This trend can be achieved with platinum shades as well as a beautiful rich caramel!

Blonde hair means care filled with love and softness

When you work with a lightening product such as bleach, it can damage the bonds that make up your hair. That is why rigorous home care with professional products is highly recommended! In this sense, Matrix is about to revolutionize the home care of our customers in addition to facilitating our task in salon!

The new Unbreak My Blonde line from Total Results is an ultra-gentle system designed specifically for blonde customers to make hair 3x stronger! There are 2 secrets behind this line:

-Citric acid present in the 3 products

-A sulfate-free formula, which is much gentler on the hair fiber

The Strengthening Shampoo helps prevent bond breakage while repairing damage caused by chemical services

The Ultra Acidic Strengthening Conditioner restores hair’s strength and manageability

The line also includes a Reviving Leave-in Treatment that nourishes hair, even when air-dried, and can be used as a blow-drying cream before using heated tools. The treatment also eliminates frizz while providing deep nourishment and moisture.

I’ve had the chance to work with the full line in the salon and many of my clients testify that their hair is stronger, softer to the touch and definitely shinier.

Pro Tip

Since it is best to avoid heat on hair that has been through several lightening services, use the drying cream in the morning after shampooing and conditioning and braid the hair to let it air dry completely. Just undo the braids before work for a natural, shiny beach look without the use of heat tools. Your hair will thank you!

Blonde hair is not just a shade, it’s a concept! Offer your clients a complete experience during their salon service. From consultation, to service, to care and then home maintenance, you will receive praise for your work and the person sitting in your chair will be your best business card when they leave the salon!

Happy summer to the blondes!