Design.ME is a Canadian brand born in Montreal 4 years ago. The idea came from 4 friends who got together to create Puff.ME, the first volumizing powder in a pump. No one else had come up with this concept as it was only available as a simple powder bottle or spray before they created Puff.ME. They are always pushing the envelop when it comes to innovation and that is what we appreciate about them so much. “We design the product; you design the beauty” is their tagline and it couldn’t be more fitting.

When Puff.ME was created 4 years ago, the Design.ME brand did not yet exist. The iconic pump powder went viral whenever a blogger decided to feature it in her beauty routine on social media. Gaining lots of attention, 40 million views later, it became an overnight success. They were left to question whether they wanted to keep it at 1 product or transform it into an actual brand with multiple products and that is just what they decided to do. Ever since their viral success on social media, building an online community has been one of their pillars to success. Fast forward to today, they have 17 products to their credit in only 4 years, which they can be proud of!

Their portfolio is divided into 6 categories: Bounce.ME for curls, Gloss.ME for hydration, Hold.ME for styling hairspray, Puff.ME for volume, Quickie.ME for dry shampoo and Fab.ME, a leave-in spray treatment. Bounce.ME has been their #1 seller and was featured in Clin D’oeil magazine in the 2019 Product of the Year category. As CBD products were making their way into the beauty industry in 2018-2019, Design.ME decided to take matters into their own hands by creating a first ever Cannabis Sativa oil hair serum, namely Gloss.ME, becoming the first hair brand to create a CBD hair product. Gloss.ME is becoming a cult favorite for everyone who tries it, plus it smells amazing.

We recognize Design.ME as a colorful brand with their little heart logo on the side but we can now confirm that a change is coming to their branding. We don’t want to reveal too much but we will showcase teasers on our social media channels to give you sneak peaks of what is to come for this cool brand. Design.ME will keep the same formulas we all know and love, but the scents will be revisited. The company even promises to become more eco-friendly with its new packaging. For example, one of the tubes will be made from sugar cane.

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