Summer is here and that means it’s time to have fun with your hair color. Pravana caters to this need with an endless array of fun colors, both permanent and semi-permanent.



Their semi-permanent color is divided into two categories: Vivids and Vivids Pastel. 7 new fun shades are added to the line: Black, Emerald, Purple Tourmaline, Violet, Silver, Smokey Silver and a new pastel, Luscious Lavender. There is also a permanent line called Vivids Everlasting.

Pastel pink hair is already starting to become a trend for this summer. Pravana has multiple shades of pink to choose from. We love their Pretty in Pink pastel. This is a direct color, so you won’t need to lighten it since it already has the perfect shade of bubblegum pink.

The good thing about their semi-permanent colours is that none of them contain ammonia which means you can keep it in your hair for as long as you like without worrying about damaging your hair. The longer you keep it in for, the stronger the colour will pop! We would also like to mention that the pastel colours won’t stain your hands unlike most other semi-permanent brands. The colour will last about 2-3 shampoos and then disappear. We love that you can switch the colour at any time without any real commitments compared to permanent hair colours. You can put the colour all over your head or like Tavia Bonetti, only at the tips.

If you don’t like pinks, you can choose from their other pastel colors: pastel blue, purple, mint or coral. We hope you have fun this summer changing your hair color with these fun semi-permanent colors! After all, Pride month is in June, so it’s a great time to have rainbow colored hair!

Here are some of our favorite fun hair coloured looks that are perfect for this summer:

Pink hair inspo all over

(Josephine on IG)

Pink hair inspo at the tips of her hair

(Tavia Bonetti on IG)

Half/ Half

(photo by irisunicorns on IG)

Flashy Magenta

( Dua Lipa on IG)

Coloured Streaks

Don’t want to bleach a big chunk of your hair? Then take up 1 or 2 tiny hair strands to bleach and then choose whatever colour you like such as Maggie Lindemann.

Coloured Roots

We all remember the iconic green roots by Billie Eilish. Also very simple and easy to go with any semi-permanent colour.