Feels like summertime when your hairspray smells of fresh sweet pomegranate! The all-new RUSK’s lightweight PUREMIX Fresh Pomegranate Color Protecting Hairspray will have your senses blown away.

It is enriched with UV protection, super antioxidants and rich tannins from pomegranates to help from color fading. It strengthens the hair, reduces dryness and breakage which is important whenever using a hairspray because most of them are drying. Your hair styles will remain frizz-free, moveable and brushable. This hairspray does not contain any sulfates, parabens, silicones, no artificial dyes and no gluten. It is also keratin safe and suitable for all hair types.

I also love the fragrance of this hairspray. For me, it’s important that hairsprays smell good, because then you can enjoy the scent all day long. This hairspray is meant to protect your hair colour. It helps to add this to your haircare routine. Those who have coloured hair should equally use a shampoo and conditioner that will protect their colour. In fact, the Fresh Pomegranate line also includes these two color-protecting allies.

Another point in favor of this hairspray is that it is buildable. If you would like to coat it on as a stronger layer that will hold up hairstyles then spray a lot of the product, but if you are looking to have a light touch of spray then 1-2 sprays will do the job. Spray from 10-12 inches away in short, even bursts over the entire head to lock in styles.

Didn’t know that a color protecting hairspray existed? Well now you know! The new RUSK Fresh Pomegranate is your best friend in the summer because it will prevent your hair colour from fading and it also has a UV protector. When it comes to the sun, we need all the hair protection we can get!