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The benefits of using Cannabis beauty products

CBD has been taking over the beauty industry. If you are not familiar with this trending beauty ingredient, CBD is a natural compound derived from the cannabis plant. We keep seeing a rise in companies producing products with CBD, ranging from skincare, to hair, make-up and wellness brands. We will be elaborating on its benefits in this blog post. Design.ME…

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Looking for a way to get instant high shine hair? Look no further cause Design.Me Hair just launched a Gloss.Me collection that will give life to your hair! Gloss.Me is a collection that will give you shine, hydration and strength. Their products are sulfate-free but don’t let that fool you, they give a big lather when using it in the…

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How to master your hair during a heatwave

Save time by doing a fast hairstyle such as a simple ponytail which is one of the go-to looks during a heatwave. THE HIGH PONYTAIL 1.Use the no-rinse treatment Fab.Me in order to detangle your hair and to get rid of those knots. Start by the extremities and work your way up. 2.Apply the gloss.me serum in order to obtain…

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